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InTouch With (v. 3.1.1)  InTouch With Icon

When we released version 3.1.2, we meant to replace version 3.1.1. However, for some reason, 3.1.2 does NOT work with Mac OS X 10.2.8 (or prior).

In the meantime, if you can live with the "bug" in version 3.1.1, you can download it below. Version 3.1.1 does work with Mac OS X 10.2.8 (but not earlier versions of the operating system).

The bug in 3.1.1 is that if you have a graphic in version 3.1.1, the graphic will be printed upside down. Some enterprising customers have used their graphics application to invert the graphic before placing it into InTouch With. Great idea, but when you do eventually update to the next version of ITW, your graphic will then be rightside up, which will appear upside down.

Understanding the above, you may download InTouch With v. 3.1.1 by clicking here.

Additional improvements in v. 3.1.2 that are not in 3.1.1 are:

1) Changed Dial selection hot key to command-option-control-D.
2) Changed some confusing messages when using Find.
3) The Hide line character (§) now only hides the line at the start of a line. It can be used as a character in the middle of a line.
4) Organization names have words from the exclusions list ignored while sorting.
5) Warnings have been added when opening or saving files in the Sample Files folder. Files should not be kept in the Sample Files folder, they can be lost if you update the Sample Files folder when new versions of InTouch With are released.
6) Added support for Skype's "callto://" URLs. By including the Skype user ID of someone in a callto URL (such as callto://echo123), you can click on that URL to call that person. It also can be used to call regular phone lines with a URL such as "callto://+15152253720" Normal Skype pricing and quality will apply.