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  CalendarMaker for OS X  

How To -- Questions and Answers

How do I move CalendarMaker to my new computer?


Assuming that you have moved your "Home" folder from your old computer to your new computer, then the easiest way is to just download the most current version of CalendarMaker from our Web site and install it on your new computer. You will need to re-enter your activation key the first time you launch the CalendarMaker application.

If you aren't moving your "Home" folder, then what follows is more specific information as to what files are used by CalendarMaker and where they are located.

All these files are located in your Home folder's Library folder.

Home > Application Support > CalendarMaker -- This folder contains a folder named Templates which hold all your custom templates that you have saved.

Home > Preferences > com.calendarmaker.plist -- This file contains the applications preference settings. In addition, it you assigned default appearance changes to "ALL" calendars and not just the current calendar that you were working on at the time, then this file contains those appearance settings.

Home > Pictures > CalendarMaker Library -- This folder contains all the art work included with CalendarMaker and any art work imported from any OS 9 calendars that you converted to OS (and elected to separately save the artwork). This folder may also contain any picture that you have stored here for use with CalendarMaker.

And of course you will want to move your actual calendars. Hopefully you saved all these in your Documents folder.

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