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  CalendarMaker for OS X  

How To -- Questions and Answers

How do I understand the icons in the Event List?


An All Day Event is an event which is sorted first within the day, alpahbetically. Timed Events are displayed in time order after All Day Events.

An All Day Event Recurrence is one of the repeating events that follow as a result of an All Day Event being made a "repeating event." This type of event would normally have the same name as the master (or parent) event in the series.

An All Day Detached Event is an All Day Event Recurrence Event that has been edited or moved to a different day. Example: You have an event every Wednesday, but because one Wednesday in the series is a holiday, the event was moved to Thursday and you dragged that one event from Wednesday to Thursday. More technically - A detached event is an event that was once a recurrence of another event, but was edited and the changes were applied only to that event and not its siblings or parent. Detached events are still associated with their parent event so deletion of the parent will also delete the detached events. Note that a parent event could become a detached event, but this is a special case creating both a Detached Event and an Exception Event. See below.

An All Day Exception Event is a master (or parent) repeating event that was edited, but the changes were not applied to the events in the series that it created. When this happens two events then exist in the calendar for the master event: the new Detached Event and the original parent event which becomes an Exception Event. In other words, an Exception Event is the original master (or parent) event of a repeating series that has been edited, but the rest of the series were left unchanged. The Exception Event is not displayed in the calendar display, but it will remain in the Event List. This is done so that you can further edit the original master event to have it affect the repeating events it created. Note: the complexity of Exception Events can be avoided by not editing or moving the master (or parent) event that creates a repeating series. The need to do so would be very unusual.

The Timed Events listed above can be described in the same fashion as the All Day Events.

The color of the icon is the background color of the event.

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