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  CalendarMaker for OS X  

How To -- Questions and Answers

How do I edit the title (the month and year)?


To change the appearance of the month and year in the Title, do not type the name of the month or the year number into the title of a calendar. Whatever you type in one month will be exactly the same in every other month. CalendarMaker uses formula icons that automatically calculate the correct month name and year. You can type in other text, just not the month and year.

The month and year that appear in the titles of the templates that we include are NOT text. They are formulas represented by month and year icons.

Double-click in the title. You should see two icons. One that says "January (Custom)" and one that says "2008". (These do not mean "January" or "2008." These are just the names of the icons - named for the first month and the current year.) If you don't have these icons, you'll need to add them by using CalendarMaker's Insert menu and selecting "Month" and then "Year". (You'll probably want to type a space between them.) (Note: "Weekday" and "Month Day" are also in the Insert menu, but are not applicable to monthly calendars.)

If you put your cursor over one of these icons, a little white triangle will appear on the right side. If you click on that, you'll get a pop-up menu for formatting the word - Jan. vs. January, etc. To change the font or font size, it works as if it were text. Select the icon, not by clicking on it, but by clicking to the left of it and dragging across the icon (or by double-clicking it). With the icon selected, then format in the usual fashion. For selecting the font and size, type a Command-T (an Apple standard for the Font panel) or select Font > Show Fonts from the Format menu. For color, you can use Apple's Font panel or the Color Picker button in CalendarMaker's toolbar (or Show Colors/Hide Colors from the View menu, or type Shift-Command-C).

We have most of our titles of our templates set at a 24 point font. If you reduce the size, of everything in the title, it will shrink the title area (and make the calendar grid larger).

You cannot change the appearance of the title for each individual month in a month element. They will all be the same. If you really want each month's title to look different, such as a different font color for each month, then you will need to create a Note for each month. A Note is a separate calendar element, like the Month Element. You can insert month and year icons into a Note. You'll need to create a new note for each month.

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