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  CalendarMaker for OS X  

How To -- Questions and Answers

How do I change the names of the months and days?


There are several places where you can change the names of the months and days. They all do different things.

a) If you want the changes to affect all calendars that you ever create, you do it in Preferences under the CalendarMaker menu. These names are the starting point for any calendar you create. The default names for these preferences will change with the operating system, such as if you have a French operating system. If you change them, then that will override the operating system defaults.

b) You can change the names in the Inspector's first pane - Calendar & Layout Settings. Then click on the 4th tab - Names. This will change the names for just the current calendar file. We call these names the "calendar names," because they are just for this one calendar. This would be used if you wanted to create a French calendar while using a U.S operating system. This is not the location for changing January to Jan. Making changes in this pane of the Inspector will not affect changes or formatting made in the next two paragraphs.

c) If you want to create custom names for the days, such as Sun. for Sunday, this is done on one month element at a time. (If you have a main calendar with two mini-calendars, you have three month elements.) Click on the month element that you want to change and open the Inspector to the fourth pane -- Grid Settings. Then click on the Appearance tab. Double click on the day name that you want to change. The new setting will be applied to all months of the month element to which you applied the change. This is also where you can change which day is the first day of the week and which days are included in your calendar. Do NOT change the name Sunday to the name Monday or anything like that. That would just create a very confusing calendar. Note: This is done on a month element by month element basis so that you can have Sunday, Monday, etc. on your main month element, while having S M T W T F S on your mini-calendars (the small month elements).

d) If you want to create custom names for the months, you are limited to the options enumerated below. Enter the whole month name as in paragraph "b" above. Then double click on the title of the month element you want to change. You will see a formula icon named "January (Custom)." Move your mouse pointer to the right side of this icon and a small triangle will appear. Click on it to see your options. The options are the full month name, the first three letters of the month name, or just the first letter of the month name. Choices also include the month number expressed normally or as a zero-filled two-digit month number. This setting is applied to all months of the month element to which you have applied the change.

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