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  CalendarMaker for OS X  

How To -- Questions and Answers

How do I make room for a Note on a month with no out-of-month days?


This is a very special case. In February 2009 there are 28 days, exactly 4 weeks, and the first day of the month falls on Sunday. This is a "perfect" month - no out-of-month days; therefore, no place to put a Note without covering up a regular day and possibly its events. This happens in 2009. It won't happen again until 2015.

Here is how to create some room at the bottom of a single month that otherwise does not have room. This is not the solution for every month. It is also not necessary if you are using a layout with mini-calendars. (They already create a space for a Note.)

Hint: Whenever doing a complex procedure, do a Save first. Then if you do all the steps and find the results are acceptable, do a Save again. If the changes are not acceptable, you can always Quit without saving -- and then start over, or just select Revert from the File menu.

1) Select the month element by clicking once somewhere on it that does not select a day or any other part of the month element. The easiest place to click is usually between the days of the week and the title with the month and year. When the month element is selected, there are 8 square resizing boxes on the corners and sides of the month element. If something is selected within the month element, these resizing boxes will be there but they will be grayed out (dimmed). See pictures below.

Selected (active)

Not selected (dimmed/grayed out)

2) With the month element selected (as shown above), select Copy from the Edit menu or type a Command-C.
3) Now paste this copy of the month element on top of the existing month element by selecting Paste from the Edit menu or type a Command-V.
4) When you paste in a new month element, the application will ask, "Paste calendar elements into the current month or all months?" Be sure and click on "Current Month."
5) Note: When you add a new month element, either by creating from scratch or by pasting a copy, it is added in an unlocked state on the assumption that you want to edit its size and/or position.
6) Open the Inspector to the third pane - Calendar Element Settings; second tab - Size. Note that the padlock is unlocked indicating that this new month element is unlocked.
- Note: All the measurement numbers that follow are for a black & white One Month template without mini-calendars, and are intended solely as an example.
7) Look at the setting for Size - Height. If you are in Portrait mode, it is probably about 738 points. We are going to reduce this to move the bottom of the month element to make room for the placement of a Note below the month element. The amount is dependent on how big a space you want for your Note. A reduction of 135 points would leave a space approximately equal to what would occur if February had a fifth week. Enter your number (approximately 738 less 135 equals 603) and press the Enter key.
8) What you will now see is February with two final weeks. Don't panic.
9) IMPORTANT: Lock the padlock. We are finished working on the new month element that has been added to February.
10) Now click ONCE on any day in the second final week of February. You have now selected the original month element, the one behind the new month element. Click on the Forward button in the toolbar. This brings the original month element to the front. (It is not necessary to bring the original month element forward, but it aids understanding.)
11) Press the "delete" key on your keyboard. The application will ask, "Some of the selected elements are locked. Do you want to delete all the selected elements including the locked ones?" Click on OK. Then the application will ask, "Delete the selected calendar elements from the current month or all months?" This is IMPORTANT. Click on "Current Month." You do not want do delete your original series of month elements from every month.
12) You are finished. February 2009 now has a space at the bottom equal to approximately a fifth week (or however much space you desired). Your other months are unchanged.
For Landscape instead of Portrait, substitute about 580 for 738, 129 for 135 and 451 for 603.

If this answer does not completely answer your question, please note the question number and let us know how we can improve it by sending an e-mail to us at