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  CalendarMaker for OS X  

How To -- Questions and Answers

How do I move the position of the Date Numbers?


This works in the same basic way that most functions work in the Inspector.

Click on a day so the Inspector will know what you want to work on. Then open the Inspector to the rightmost pane -- Grid Part Appearance > Appearance.

Now you need to tell the Inspector the extent of the change you want to make. Go to the pop-up menu at the top. This menu is divided into three parts -- Entire Calendar, Current Month, or just the Selected Parts. If you chose "Selected Parts," the change will affect just the one day that you have selected. (Selected Parts is only available if you have a day selected.)

Now look down the pane to Number. The default is X = 100% and Y = 100%. This is the lower right corner.

The setting for the top left corner would be X = 0% and Y = 0%.

The setting for top right would be X = 100% and Y = 0%.

The setting X = 50% and Y = 50% would put the Date Number in the center of the day.

You do need to press the Enter key to let the Inspector know you have finished typing.

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