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  CalendarMaker for OS X  

How To -- Questions and Answers

How do I set the margins so that there will be a left margin for 3-hole punch?


This can be tricky. It's done by changing the size and position of the Calendar Element, not by changing the margins of the Layout.

Note: Changing the left margin of the Layout in the first pane of the Inspector -- Calendar & Layout Settings > Layout > Print Margins -- will still center justify the calendar on the page, even if you have the left margin at 68 pt. and the right margin at 18 pt. (We agree that this is unexpected behavior.)

Assuming that you have first tried to change the numbers on the Calendar & Layout Settings > Layout, here's how to reset to the defaults. Go to the Layout tab on that pane. Use the pop-up menu in Layout Size and select Paper's Useable Size. Then use the pop-up menu in Print Margins to select Paper's Margins.

Now we are ready to make the changes needed for a 3-hole punch margin on the left.

Click on the Calendar Element and open the Inspector to the third pane -- Calendar Element Settings.

Select the Size tab, click on the calendar page and type a Command-A to select all, and unlock the padlock by clicking on it.

Reduce the width, maybe 30 points. (Unfortunately your calendar is now all the way to the left with a wide right margin.)

Click in the white area to the right of the Calendar Element. This will deselect everything. Then type a Command-A to select everything. (This will also select Notes, Mini-calendars and Pictures that are on the page itself.)

Now use the right arrow key to move your Calendar Element (and other items if any) to the right edge of the Layout area. (Don't just hold the arrow key down or you'll go too far, which is not a real problem -- just use the left arrow key to go back.)

Now click on the white area to the left to deselect everything. To finish click on the Calendar Element to select it, then on the Padlock icon to re-lock everything. That's it.

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