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  CalendarMaker for OS X  

How To -- Questions and Answers

How do I make a translucent calendar with a picture in the background?


First you need a picture which is the size that you want for your background picture. CalendarMaker will allow you to resize it to fit, but most pictures will look better if they are already close to the size that you want. You can also scale the picture and/or set the coordinates for placement.

The best way to select and place a background picture is with the Inspector. Open it and select the first pane, Calendar & Layout Settings. Select the Background tab. Select your picture by using the Pictures button and drag your picture to the Picture window or use the Choose File button to open your picture. At this point you won't be able to see your background picture except maybe small portions of the picture around the edges.

To see the background picture the calendar layout needs to be translucent. To do this click on the Calendar Element to select it. Then open the Inspector to the third pane, Calendar Element Settings. Select the Appearance tab. Now adjust the Opacity setting to the level that you desire. You will now be able to see your background picture through your calendar.

The background picture is always in the back. It cannot be moved with the Forward or Front buttons on the toolbar. Likewise the Calendar Element and other objects will always be in front of the background picture, even if you select Back with the Back button on the toolbar.

It is also possible to make non-translucent calendar with a translucent picture in front of it, but this is less desirable. If the picture is in front, it would be in the way of working on your calendar. When you would double-click a day, you would just be double-clicking on your picture. The above solution, a translucent calendar, is the better solution.

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