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  CalendarMaker for OS X  

How To -- Questions and Answers

How do I set the default style for new (floating) notes?


Create a Note and set it the way you want it. Then select the Note (not the text). If you have a blinking insertion point for typing, this won't work. That is the same as selecting the text. Now go to the bottom of the Format menu. Note that you can set this default for just this calendar or for all documents (future calendars).

What appearances that can be set are those displayed on the page of Inspector shown below. Note that this does not include font selection.

A default can be set for the current calendar file or all future calendar files. A default setting will not "take" for a future calendar if a conflicting setting is in effect.

What were called "floating notes" in CalendarMaker 4, are now called just "Notes." This is because they don't always "float" in CalendarMaker 5. Not only can you still overlap them in CalendarMaker 5, but you can tuck one end of a Note under a mini-calendar or other object. A Note can also be used as an adornment when completely behind a translucent Calendar Element.

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