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  CalendarMaker for OS X  

How To -- Questions and Answers

How do I do a "find" or a "find and replace"?


There is a "Search Events" input field on the right end of the toolbar. This will filter and display in the Events List only the events that have your search text. This feature will appear to do nothing if you do not have your Events List displayed. You can toggle the display of the Events List on and off by clicking on the star in the lower right corner of the CalendarMaker window, or by selecting Show/Hide Events List from the View menu.

Clicking on the circle with an "X" in at the right of the Search Events input field will clear the search text causing the Event List to display all events.

There is no replace function in this version of CalendarMaker.

There is also no way to search for text in notes (formerly floating notes).

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