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  CalendarMaker for OS X  

How To -- Questions and Answers

How do I make a calendar with one week taller than the rest? We are hosting a week long convention with a lot going on.


Changing the height of a week affects only the current month. (Changing the width of a day column affects all months in the current calendar layout.)

Now hold down the Command and Option keys and click and hold on the line between the weeks. Hint: if you are having trouble clicking on the line at exactly the correct spot, try clicking one pixel below the line. Also, just clicking on a line may cause it to move one pixel. (This is not critical in that you were planning on moving it anyway.)

The tip window gives you a percentage and point (pixel) height of the week above and the point height of the week below. The percentage is the cumulative percentage from the top edge of the first week.

Months can have 4, 5 or 6 weeks. A 4-week month would have the following percentages, 25% (1/4); 50% (1/2); and 75% (3/4). A 5-week month would have the following percentages, 20% (1/5); 40% (2/5); 60% (3/5); and 80% (4/5). A 6-week month would have the following percentages, 17% (1/6); 33% (2/6); 50% (3/6); 67% (4/6); and 84% (5/6). Because sixths can be odd fractions, its normal to not have all weeks of equal height, even when you want them equal.

Let's say that it is a 5-week month and you want to make the third week twice as tall as normal. We need to do some algebra. A normal week in a 5-week month is 20% so we'll make it 40%. This means that the other 4 weeks each get 1/4 of the remaining 60%. (The 60% is 100% less the 40% for the third week.) Dividing 4 into 60% means that these other 4 weeks each get 15%. Calculating the cumulative percentage for each line we get:

The first week = 15%
The second week = 30%
The third week = 70%
The fourth week = 85%

Now start by adjusting the line between Week 1 and Week 2, setting it to 15%. Then proceed downward, setting each line to its cumulative percent.

To cancel your height adjustments and return to the default settings, hold the Command and Option keys down and double-click on any one of the horizontal lines between weeks.

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