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CalendarMaker for OS X  

How To -- Questions and Answers

If you have a question, let us know. This page is made up frequently asked questions (FAQ).

For general CalendarMaker support, click here. The general support pages are for when things are not working as they should.

These How To articles are a supplement to the Quick Start Guide which you have read first to learn the terminology.



How do I download CalendarMaker and install on my computer?
How do I move CalendarMaker to my new computer?

Importing and Exporting

How do I open my CalendarMaker 4 calendars in CalendarMaker 5?
How do I use Import Events From Text File and Export Events?

Setting default appearance for events and notes

How do I set the default style for new events?
How do I set the default style for new (floating) notes?

General design

How do I change the start day of the week? I want the week to start on Monday instead of Sunday.
How do I make a calendar without certain days, such as, Saturday and Sunday?
How do I make a calendar with some days wider than other days, such as Wednesdays and Sundays?
How do I make a calendar with one week taller than the rest? We are hosting a week long convention with a lot going on.
How do I make daily, weekly or bi-weekly calendars?
How do I do turn on (or turn off) the events in the out-of-month days at the beginning and end of each month?
How do I remove the fill color from the out-of-month days?
How do I make landscape calendars? All the templates are portrait.
How do I make a translucent calendar with a picture in the background?
How do I unlock or lock a Calendar Element so that I can change its size or move it on the page?
How do I set the margins so that there will be a left margin for 3-hole punch?
How do I move the position of the Date Numbers?
How do I create, save and delete my own templates?
How do I edit the title (the month and year)?
How do I change the names of the months and days?

Working with events, notes, pictures, titles and days of the week

How do I do a "find" or a "find and replace"?
How do I change the order of events in a day?
How do I make what were called Custom Duplicate events in CalendarMaker 4?
How do I change the font and font size of some text, an event, or a note?
What is the best way to place a picture (formerly called either a picture or an icon)?
How do I control picture size with a picture placed in an event?
How do make room for a Note on a month with no out-of-month days?
How do I understand the icons in the Event List?