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  If you updated to Safari 5.1 on or after July 20, 2011 and have the problem that CalendarMaker will not launch, this is a solution.
Print this page so you can refer to it while following these instructions.

We do not yet totally understand what Apple did with Safari 5.1's installation in Snow Leopard 10.6.8 starting Wednesday (20 July 2011). Whatever it is, it keeps CalendarMaker from launching.

Here is the solution.
1) If CalendarMaker is currently bouncing in your Dock, do a "Force Quit" from the Apple menu. This will make the CalendarMaker icon stop bouncing.
2) Go to your "home" folder. It's the one with an icon of a house and is named with your user name.
  You can easily get to your "home" folder by clicking on your Desktop so that you are in the Finder. Then use the Go menu to go to Home.
3) Open the Library folder in your "home" folder.
4) Open the Icons folder in your Library folder.
5) Look for the file named WebpageIcons.db
6) Delete this file, or better yet, drag it to your Desktop for temporary storage.
7) Restart your computer.
8) Run Safari 5.1. (This will re-create the file.)
9) CalendarMaker should now launch properly.

This file is a database of the icons of the Web pages you visit. If you go to Apple's Web site, you will see an Apple appear to the left of where you type in www.apple.com; likewise, if you go to our Web site, you see an blue rectangular icon with white wavy lines in the lower half. This file is a database of these icons. It will rebuild itself as you visit each of your regular Web sites.

10) Once you are satisfied that both Safari and CalendarMaker are working properly, you may put your old WebpageIcons.db file (currently on your Desktop) into the Trash.

This fix appears to be permanent and causes no problem for Safari. Please let us know if it recurs. (Also, let us know if this solution does not work for you.)

Comment for techies only -- We do know that Apple made changes to the Web Kit in Safari 5.1. What we don't know is why doing the above fixes the problem.
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