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OS 9

CalendarMaker 5 is the most flexible presentation calendar creation application you have ever wanted. With CalendarMaker you can make custom calendars for your newsletter, your Web site, your school, your church, your club, your team, your refrigerator... your anything. And templates are included. Use your creativity to design calendars that everyone in your organization will notice.
OS 9

InTouch Logo

InTouch With is a free-form information manager. Instead of separate fields for each piece of information, InTouch uses just two data entry fields. Most people use InTouch as a contact manager and use the first field for names and addresses and the second field for phone numbers, e-mail addresses and notes. The second field can hold many pages of notes that can be time and date stamped to allow you to track conversations, projects or other notations. And support for Skype's VoIP.
OS 9

QuickProject is an outline form (hierarchical) things-to-do list. You can define projects. Projects can be divided into tasks. Tasks can be divided into subtasks. You can record the percentage completion at the project level, and at any task or subtask level. You can attach lengthy notes to each individual task or subtask. Responsibility can be assigned to an individual. Individuals can be selected from your Apple Address Book or drag directly from the Names List in InTouch With.

OS 9

DateView Logo

DateView helps you manage your time. Use it to schedule appointments, maintain your to do list and remind you of important events. DateView offers three basic tools to help you manage your time: An on-screen calendar shows events in your schedule. Adding new events or modifying existing events is easy. Your calendar can be a day-by-day listing of all your events and to do items. A time grid view showing each hour and the item slated for that time slot is also available. Reminders can prompt you at the correct time, whether or not DateView is open. Printed calendars let you consult your schedule when you are away from your computer. They can be printed in many different formats.
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